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  • DVD Sweet Misery a Poisoned World: a 90 minute film by Cori Brackett. 2004 $20 +pp
    A close examination into what some consider to be a 'hoax': aspartame toxicity. This controversial documentary about the artificial sweetener is sure to open eyes to the possible dangers of what lurks in our food. Our price is extra cheap because of the generosity of the documentary maker.

  • DVD Nutrition and Behavior: A lecture by Russell Blaylock, MD. 2006 $20 + pp
    Dr Blaylock explains one of the most important connections between nutrition and our health - how nutrition affects our behaviour. Citing a series of important studies, he shows that good nutrition can powerfully enhance our memory, mood and behaviour in a socially desirable way. He outlines specific measures you can take to enhance your children's health and shows us it is never too late to make these nutritional changes.
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  • CD The truth about aspartame. A lecture by Russell Blaylock MD. 2006 $20 + pp
    Neurosurgeon and author Dr Blaylock supplies a wealth of information about the intimate connection between the use of aspartame and a number of common medical disorders. He informs us of just how such a dangerous product was ever approved and outlines practical ways in which we can treat this damage. Also available from

  • Book Aspartame Disease: An Ignored Epidemic by HJ Roberts MD. Sunshine Sentinel Press 2001. $100 + pp An authoritative 1000 page medical text by an acknowledged world expert on aspartame poisoning. From his extensive research over 20 years, the author has gathered together clinical data from 1,200 people who have reacted to aspartame and whose symptoms of disease disappeared when aspartame was removed from their diet. Should be required reading for every doctor.
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  • Book Excitotoxins: The taste that kills by Russell Blaylock MD. 1997. $26 + pp
    An excitotoxin is a substance added to food and beverages that literally stimulates neurons to death, causing brain damage of varying degrees. It can be found in such ingredients as monosodium glutamate (MSG), aspartame, hydrolysed protein and aspartic acid. For those serious about protecting their health as well as health professionals.

  • Press statement on Hagar's book on the Contaminated Corn saga

  • Eating Safely in a Toxic World
    by Sue Kedgley
    Unfortunately this book is now out of print. If you come across any copies still for sale, let us know.

  • and... GE free signs and stickers for sale.

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