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So What is Wrong with Our Food?

  • New Zealand continues to use pesticides banned in other countries. Some of these are known, even in very small doses, to cause irreversible harm, particularly in developing foetuses, children and the sick.

  • Many additives used in our food have been banned overseas because of adverse health effects.

  • A Safe Food Campaign survey found that many children could be consuming over 150 additives per day, that is 40,000 per year.

  • NZ is nuclear-free, yet our government wants irradiated food.

  • Genetically engineered ingrediants are used in our food supply without labels despite this new technology being questioned by scientists worldwide for potential irreversible disastes to our health and our environment.

  • Farm animals such as pigs and chickens are routinely fed growth promoting antibiotics and the ground up remains of other animals putting NZ at risk of antibiotic resistance.

  • International markets want more organic produce, yet NZ organic producers are given no support and our economy and environment are missing out.

  • We are consuming excess amounts of fluoride in our food and drinks from the artificial fluoridation of water supplies. Children are getting dental fluorsis - the first signs of fluoride poisoning.

The Safe Food Campaign Agenda

  1. Encourage organic farming and marketing of organic food and educate consumers about the advantages of organic growing

  2. Ban the importation and growing of genetically engineered food

  3. Ban growth promoting antibiotics, sex hormones and other chemicals used in animal feed

  4. ban the use of hazardous pesticides and chemicals sprayed onto our food

  5. Keep irradiated food out of NZ

  6. Reduce harmful food additives from our food and water supplies

  7. Ensure organisations regulating food are truly independant and have consumer representation

  8. More and better food labelling

  9. Improve childrens' diets in general particularly children

  10. Support animal welfare including humane farming practices

  11. Better testing for for additives and pesticides

  12. Restrict snack and fast-food advertising aimed at children

  13. Restrict soya milk formulae

  14. Give consumers more balanced information about the risks of artificial water fluoridation

Past and Current Projects

The Safe Food Campaign began in 1994 and since then we have:

  • Organised national campaigns on G.E. and other food safety issues

  • Lobbied the government and ANZFA (now FSANZ) on food additives and restricted the use of ethrosine (red food colouring)

  • Made submissions on food safety issues and appeared before government (select committees)

  • Spoken to interested groups all over New Zealand

  • Published a regular Safe Food Campaign Newsletter containing government and scientific updates

  • Campaigned to get meat treated with sex hormones excluded from Quality Mark meat

  • Campaigned to ban the practice of feeding the ground-up remains of animals back to animals

  • Contributed to NZ children's food awards.
Co-ConvenorAlison White
Co-ConvenorAnni Palmer
TreasurersTony and Jacky Pearson
Membership SecretaryAlison Cadman
WebmasterChris Streatfield
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