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Mission Possible World Health International. Betty Martini, the founder of Mission Possible, has been researching aspartame for over 15 years and is very knowledgeable about the whole issue.

Links to over 120 sites on aspartame.

Covering every aspect of aspartame science.

Two useful Australian websites about additives:

    Sue Dengate's Food Intolerance Network website which gives lots of information including stories and pictures about some people's allergic reactions to various additives.

    MBM food additive guide - a comprehensive list with questionable additives given in red.

Organic Consumers Association
Website of the US Organic Consumers' Association: comprehensive, with lots of info, resources and campaigns. Campaigning for Food Safety, Organic Agriculture, Fair Trade & Sustainability.

Pesticide Action Network North America
a non-profit and non-governmental organization working to advance sustainable alternatives to pesticides worldwide. They produce PANUPS, a weekly email news service providing resource guides and reporting on pesticide issues that don't always get coverage by the mainstream media.

The South Australian Genetic Food Information Network. "SAGFIN is a non-profit community organisation established in 1998 to collect and distribute information on all aspects of gene technology, with a particular focus on genetically engineered foods and crops. It also acts as an advocate for community concerns and food and environmental safety...."

Mothers for Natural Law
Dangers Of Genetic Engineering - a useful resource from the Mothers for Natural Law who are campaigning for labelling in the US. They offer information about genetic engineered food in easy to understand terms.

One of the websites of the Environmental Workings Group, a major group in the US. You can click on a food or group of foods and find out what pesticides might be in it and the damaging long term effects of these pesticides. US data of course.

Environment Working Group.

Northwest Coalition for Alternatives to Pesticides
A long-running and informative group on the dangers of pesticides: Contains useful resource "Researching health effects of pesticides on the web".

Organic Babe and Kids Clothing Store in Australia
Specialising in Boutique Baby, Infant and Childrens Clothing & Organic Baby Clothes

New Zealand:

Organic Baby
Is for eco-minded parents who choose quality organic and natural products for their families. A complete guide to natural parenting in NZ, with articles, cloth nappy info, organic baby blog.

GE Free NZ
This site includesa useful local council lobbying kit.

Giant Experiment
The information resource for genetic engineering in New Zealand. Has NZ and international news, action and good food guide.

Fluoride Action Network

Soil & Health Association
NZ's most politically active organic

Greenpeace New Zealand
Also see the True Food Guide for up-to-date info on which foods and companies are GE-free and which are not. Booklet from Greenpeace also available.

Physicians and Scientists for Responsible Genetics
for comprehensive GE news.

New Zealand's foremost organic certifying body.

Organic certifying body, part of the international movement of organic agriculture following the principles of Rudolf Steiner, using the Demeter trademark.

New Zealand Green Pages
A website listing environmental and conservation groups in New Zealand NZ Greenpages

GE Info
GE news in New Zealand and

A discussion forum for sceptical ideas and topical issues. Covers many areas including Health and GE issues

Green Party:

  1. about safe food:

  2. Food additives: your questions answered, giving information about dangers of particular types of additives

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