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    Media release 10 March 2017

    Wellington Organic Week 18-25 March

    Why have organic food? Isn't it too expensive? What food in New Zealand is more likely to have pesticide residues? These questions and more will be discussed by Dr Heli Matilainen and Alison White of the Safe Food Campaign at a presentation on "Why go organic?" at Thorndon Farmer's Market at 11am on Saturday 25 March. The Safe Food Campaign is celebrating Wellington Organic Week 18-25 March and has organised various activities.

    "We want to raise awareness of the public of the advantages of organic food," said Alison White. "It is not necessary to apply the toxins that we do to our food and the land. Also, organic food is better for our bodies and animals – for example, organic dairy products have been found to contain more antioxidants."

    "There is a real risk to children from pesticide residues in our food," explained Dr Heli Matilainen. "Certain pesticides found in our food may contribute to cancer progression, cause birth defects, genetic and hormonal damage, attack the immune system, and cause brain damage in children, even at minute doses. It is much better to offer children organic food – organic growing methods do not allow application of these pesticides. It is also better for the environment."

    Activities planned for Wellington Organic Week include:

    • Free fruit tasting all week at all Commonsense Organic Stores in the Wellington region.
    • Information stall and free fruit tasting at Thorndon Farmers' Market, Hill St, Wellington, Saturday 25 March 9am-12.30pm
    • Presentation on "Why go organic?" by Dr Heli Matilainen and Alison White at Thorndon Farmers' Market on Saturday 25 March at 11am (in a Wellington cathedral meeting room).

    The Safe Food Campaign is a nationwide voluntary, non-profit organisation which gives independent information in the area of food, including pesticide residues, additives, genetic modification, fluoridation and irradiation, giving consumers more information so they can make a better choice when buying food. As well as our website, we have Facebook and Twitter for more frequent updates: @safefoodnz

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