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Safe Food Campaign

We believe in a healthy organic food supply that doesn’t degrade the environment, or cause ill effects in children.

What we do


Consumer choice

We help you make more informed choices by helping you  understand the harm of pesticides and additives in our food, and how to identify the risks when reading ingredient lists.


Promoting local organic food

Safe Food Campaign NZ are actively promoting organic and nutritious food and organic regenerative agriculture and et you know what you can do to reduce your environmental impact and support local organic businesses and suppliers.


Create awareness

We help to spread awareness by petitioning to regulatory authorities, and by providing tools for you to really understand what's in the food you and your family eat.

Help support us!

The Safe Food Campaign is a voluntary organisation that relies on donations and membership subscriptions for its work.


Your financial support is always appreciated, allowing us to circulate information about safe food.  Consider making an annual subscription subscription of $25 and whatever donation you can afford.

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