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Poisoning Our Future: Children and Pesticides
A new book (2013), freely available here, by Dr Meriel Watts, Co-ordinator, Pesticide Action Network Aotearoa

We spoke to the Primary Production Committee in parliament on 4 December 2014 about our petition asking for zero tolerance for pesticide residues in baby food. You can read written submissions here from Dr Meriel Watts Meriel Watts submission on babyfood petition 2014 and Alison White Alison White submission on baby food petition 2014
Our media release 'NZ baby food 800 times more pesticides than in Europe' is here

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Much more irradiated food could appear in Australia and NZ, in spite of the European Union ruling out further approvals for it because of safety concerns. The present inadequate labelling may also be removed. Food Standards Australia New Zealand is proposing to allow irradiation of 12 new foods: apples, apricots, cherries, nectarines, peaches, plums, honeydew, rockmelon, strawberries, table grapes, zucchini and squash. These are in addition to foods already approved to be irradiated: tomatoes, capsicums, herbs, spices, herbal teas, mangoes, mangosteens, pawpaws, carambolas, breadfruits, custard apples, lychees, longans, rambutans and persimmons. Read more here.



The Safe Food Campaign is a nationwide organisation which campaigns for safer, healthier food. We provide consumers with information so that they can make up their own minds about what is safe to eat. We lobby government to make our food safer.

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